Iowa City West Choirs: A Tradition of Excellence 

Iowa City West High's first Concert Choir, Class of 1968

Welcome Iowa City West High Singers past and present!

While it may have been some time since you stepped on the stage at West High, we bet you can still remember some of the lyrics to the songs you sang during your high school years. 

Can you still carry a tune? Are you still singing in a church or community choir? Did your high school experience lead you to pursue a career in music? Are you now the one in the audience beaming with pride as your kids joyously express themselves in song?

We want to know what you've been up to since you graduated. Send us a message and tell us how you've continued the vocal traditions that started at West High.

We'd like to also send you Choir News updates throughout the year to keep you in tune with what's happening at your alma mater. Updates will include concert dates, competition results and links to performances.

Feel free to share the videos with your families along with a few stories of how it was when you were a part of the Iowa City West Choirs. You also might want to wander through our photo gallery to see if any old pictures of you are captured inside so you can show your family and friends what it was like in the "old days." . 


Warmest regards,

David Haas, Director of Choral Activities

Jeff Knutson, Associate Director  

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