Grading Policy 2015-16

David Haas & Jeff Knutson, directors 

Total points: 200 

Part performance/sight reading exams 60 pts. 

Students vocal progress will be assessed twice during the school year, following the Fall Concert and Masterworks Concert. 

- Part performance exam 

- Sight reading exam 

Students will perform a pre-determined section of choral music in quartets or octets. Students will be assessed on tone quality, intonation, balance/blend, articulation, and musicianship. Students will individually perform a short sight reading example for their instructor. The example will be provided at the time of the exam. Students will demonstrate correct use of solfege, as well as pitch and rhythmic accuracy. 

Exam dates (during the students’ class periods):  

Rehearsal etiquette/participation 50 pts. 

Students will develop and demonstrate appropriate rehearsal and concert etiquette. Points will be deducted for insufficient classroom etiquette and participation. You will evaluated on your performance in this area at midterm (25 points) and at the end of the trimester (25 points). 

Concert participation 60 pts. 

Absences from concerts will not be excused for any reasons other than illness or severe emergency. The director must be notified in advance if a performance is missed due to illness or a serious emergency. Work is not a valid reason for missing a concert. 

Final written test 30 pts. 

One written test will be given each trimester. Test items will cover musical and vocal concepts presented in class and historical information about the concert literature. There will be a listening portion to the exam in which students will analyze other choral performances. 

* Voice lessons will be provided to interested students throughout the year. Weekly lesson sign-up sheets will be available in the Choir Room.