Your peers and instructors 

- Attendance 

     You should arrive on time to class to be counted as present. Please sit in your assigned seat within one minute after the tardy bell. Please bring a pass if you are tardy.

- Attitude 

     We ask that you are a team-player and remain coachable throughout the year. We are all in this together. 
     Conversation between students, other than initiated by the instructor, must be avoided.

- Smart phones/cell phones 

     Please respect everyone around you by refraining from cell phone usage during class.

- Homework 

     Homework for other classes should be completed outside of the choir classroom. 
 Your facilities and classroom supplies 

- Backpack storage 

     Please place your backpack along a wall when you enter the Choir Room. Do not put it under your chair. 

- Floors 

     Please put your trash in the garbage and do not leave it on the floor. It is the respectful thing to do! 

     Please put your folders away after each rehearsal. 

- Smart Board and white boards

     Please refrain from using the Smart Board or white boards unless you are invited by a director to do so. 

Your musical product 

- Score markings 

     Please store a pencil in your choir folder and use it during each rehearsal. 

- Gum 

     Chewing gum while singing is counterproductive. Please put your gum in the trash on your way into class.

- Singing posture 

     Work hard to achieve the best possible singing posture at all times while sitting and standing 

- Overall effort 

     You are a valuable member of your choir and your participation is critical to everyone’s success!